Should I text to follow up or leave it alone?

Hey Everybody,

So, I've been talking to this girl for about a month now and we've gone on two dates (would've been more but we've had scheduling conflicts). At this point I like her a lot.

Now I'm trying to set up the 3rd date. I actually texted her on Sunday and told her I'd call on Monday to set something up (because I was busy on Sunday).

So, I called last night (Monday) and left a voicemail. She hasn't responded yet. I was just wondering if I should text her and tell her when I was thinking about meeting up, or if I should just wait for her to call/text me back?

What do you guys think? Thanks

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  • Wait for her to respond?
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  • Wait like a day or two for her to respond. If she doesn't then if you really want to go out with her then text her.


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