Would you walk away from such a relationship?

* if you feel insecure with him.
* if you are always making excuses for him not calling or for fading.
*if you feel alone and cannot tell him.
* if you cannot talk about anything with him
* if when he is with you it feels great, hugging and cuddling for long, but when he is away he is less warm.
*if you feel he is hiding something but cannot say anything.

Would you walk away even if you Love him madly?


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  • Yes I would walk away. Learned from my past mistakes I had an ex bf who was that way. It sucked and I'm sooooooo glad I dodged THAT bullet!!!

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    • Sorry didn't give you more info, I was on my phone and I hate typing on that thing. I met this guy and he seemed really great at first. He lied to me about everything (where he worked, etc) he was in his mid 30's and a total loser, but I ate up all the BS he fed me. I had no reason to think he was lying. He moved really fast at first, even said "I love you" after a month. He changed, turned into an a-hole, and it was everything you described above. I always felt insecure around him, he always canceled last minute, ignored my texts/calls, and then shows up out of nowhere. I was with him but I felt so alone. I think he was also cheating. If you feel like that, then yes you should leave, cut him off and don't ever look back. I wish I had cut him off sooner, but I definitely learned my lesson and I now pick up red flags faster and dump guys earlier, which saves me more heartache.

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  • I would love to say yes, but the last bit where you're madly in love? that's probably what would hold me back, I'm afraid I'm not strong enough.

  • That honestly doesn't sound like a healthy relationship - so yes I would leave

  • Yes, this guy sound like trouble, big time.

  • No. But I would run away from it. Like hell.


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  • What is the point of a relationship like that?
    A waste of my time is all that is.
    Skip walking, where's my jet pack?