Questions for you gold diggers ( I'm not talking about all girls, I am talking about girls who admit they're gold diggers)?

How do you suck on guys without feeling sorry for them? You don't even love them, do you? It's like some guys are inconsiderate about girls they sleep with. This one situation happened to my friend. He worked at a restaurant as waiter and he spent all his money on buying gifts for his brainless gold digger. It was obvious that he was being used. He now regrets it. I was kind of surprised to see how a human could do that without feeling guilty. Until I saw this girl, I thought a gold digger was a myth; I never thought they really existed. He worked his ass off to make that money and she asked for gifts without considering about his feeling. It was not like she didn't know how he made the money. She left him and went for another guy. He's been depressed for a month. We cheer him up, but he's been in sad mood. That bitch ruined my best friend's daily life. He's still in a college and his parents are not financially well to help him with school tuition. He works to pay off all the bills by himself. She knew his situation, but she didn't mind. We were really furious when he finally told us about the story after she dumped him. We were going to do something really mean to her, but he begged us not to, so we decided not to. Really? Do you feel numb doing something that's not right? Gold diggers, I won't judge you because I don't know you just be honest.


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  • Your friend did well to stop you from doing something mean to her. It could potentially backfire, possibly with legal ramifications depending on what it was. Your friend has a good friend in you and the people who are trying to comfort him. Alas, the world is full of people who exploit others. Men and women do it. The better question is not now "gold diggers" suck on a guy and not feel sorry for him, but what did your friend learn from this experience?

    By the way, hopefully your friend will realize that some women are mistaken for gold diggers, when in fact it makes sense that they want to be with a man who will be financially stable or even successful. Earning potential says much about a person's character.


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  • I'm not a gold digger, but maybe these women are sick of heartlessly being used for sex and then disposed of and they are turning the tables. Not saying either thing is right.

  • Someone's bitter.


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