What do you think about monogamy or polygamy? Which do you prefer or think would work out better?

So today in biology we discussed monogamy and polygamy in animals. Reeally got me thinking. In my opinion, I would NOT even want polygamy to exist in me and my partner's love vocabulary. Really, is it even love when referring to a polygamy based ratio ship? What do you think and why?

I know this seems like a reeally silly question, but I do actually know some people who prefer polygamy based relationships and so just wanted to know what you guys think about this topic! :)


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  • 1. Humans were never meant to be monogamous by nature's definition else this questions would never have cropped up :)
    2. Polygamy was the thing when society was evolving i.e. much before we discovered religion etc
    3. Since humans don't have seasons or aren't monogamous in nature society (community in those days) would have created a situation where the women and children were taken care of
    4. Humans are also insecure & possessive by nature and thus was founded monogamy
    5. Society & religion prefer monogamy cause then one / two person (s) can be held accountable rather than gun after many
    6. Also that STDs etc can be kept at bay and anarchy can be prevented

    These are my observations and thoughts. As long as order is maintained, people have genuine love for each other and responsibilities are shouldered in an appropriate manner; anything goes :)


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  • Polygamy is a shit idea, and very likely to cause problems.It won't work well for most people.

    Serial monogamy seems to work.Have a monogamous relationship until the attraction wears off.End that, and start another monogamous relationship.

  • the penguin is a monogamous animal

    • Cuuuute! Well, I know that birds are SUPPOSED to be monogamous, but there are lots of naughty little birdies out there! :D

    • another example of a monogamous animal, is the swan

  • The science shows that were not monogamous by nature. Therefore polygamy seems the smarter option, if you want to limit sexual partners in a relationship.

    But the best and most sensible solution would be to stop being so possessive over sex.


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  • Monogamy. I like having a SO and being theirs. Too selfish to share my man. Not interested in having more than one either.