When is it ok to ask her out? Is this the right way to do it?

I recently started talking to a girl I used to like once again. The chemistry seems to be there although I've only chatted to her via Facebook since she changed colleges. We used to talk a couple of years ago and I never worked up the confidence to ask her out, I was planning on doing it quite soon so that I dont make the same mistake as last time. I don't see her in person anymore so the only way to ask her out would be through either text or through a call. My question is would she take it seriously if I asked her through these ways? I would ask her in person but as I said we dont see each other in school anymore :) we are both 17 if that helps at all


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  • if i was you i would call her - its just more personal and it's harder for her to say NO ;)


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  • Call her because then she can hear that you are serious and it's more personal than a text.

    • Would she be ok with a call though? I would be willing to do it but the thing is that most people use text, it might be a bit weird tbh

    • Call trust me it's so much better

  • Calling is probably the best way to go, but if you're a little nervous, texting is okay too. First see if she's free before getting to the actual "asking her out" part, that way you know you have the green light.


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  • If you don't see her in person, how are you going to take her out?

    • I was gonna ask her in college but I found out she has moved college, she still lives in the area though so it should still work out :)

    • I don't like either a text or a call, but a call is better of the two.