Your bf or gf tells you that if they were someone else they would have already left (the relationship). What does that mean to you? wwyd?

I don't know how I should take this. I want to know what other people think about this and what it means to them. To me, it might mean something different.


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  • sounds to me like they are threatening and coercing the partner into feeling like they are doing something wrong and if they were dating someone else they would've dumped you...essentially "I'm such a nice guy I put up with b.s. but someone else would've"

    I think this is a lame tactile manipulation to make a person feel like they doing something wrong but lucky that their partner is such a "kind" or forgiving person. Sure the person could be doing some things wrong in the relationship but if the partner is such a good and forgiving partner they shouldn't resort to underhanded manipulations and threats


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  • sounds to me like they already have a pre-determined reason to leave but don't want to do so yet until they get the good enough reason to leave.


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  • Meaning that they have been hurt in the past and if you showed those characteristics that hurt him or her before they would of already ended the relationship and moved on. What that sentence means is that they are happy with you and dont want to leave the relationship.