Will I create drama or tension in our long distance relationship?

last night I feel offended cos my guy is flirting in front of me, he go back to new york now... will I create drama or tension if i say this to him via email saying '' I do not appreciate the way you treated me the other night. Showing up with kiss marks on your neck, outwardly flirting with other women while we were together was demeaning to me.;''? am i sounds needy or desperate if i say it? we are long distance now i do not want him to think i am fighting or make him drama.. how could i tell him my problem without getting to argument? or is it best not to say it.


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  • Hmm, is this the same guy we talked about last year? I hope things have improved for you.

    I think if you want some kind of balance and mutual respect in the relationship, you should say something. If you are more into the doormat thing, you could say nothing.

    I think you can say it that way just to see what he says, but you should prepare yourself to end the relationship if necessary.

    The choice is yours, really. If a guy leaves you over saying something like this, then he is a pretty bad guy (so its a good thing if he goes). You should at least expect some excuses.


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  • will it create drama or tension?

    it doesn't matter. he's hooking up with other women and flaunting it in front of you. I don't know if your relationship is exclusive but if it is he's cheating and you should absolutely call him out on it. If you're not exclusive he should more of a man and not flirt with women in front of you or show up with kiss marks all over him

    In my opinion, I'd just dump him. but regardless if it creates tension or drama you absolutely have to address this issue

    • i email him but he does not response. do i need now to block him? i think he doesn't care to my feelings at all

    • I'd just avoid him. you don't need to block him physically from fb or whatever but just block him mentally and emotionally out of your life.

    • and if and when he comes crawling back which I think he inevitably will make certain that you see changes in him that make him worthy of a second chance

  • IT sounds dumb to say it. Because you continue to put up with it. He's obviously done it before, and your 'drama and tension' is just noise.

  • You shouldn't up with that kind of treatment, and you should stand up for yourself. Even if he doesn't care, you have every right to fight and "make him drama." It is not desperate or needy to stand up for yourself, it is desperate or needy not to.

    • I email him how i felt bad last time but he did not emailme back. though he is online and active in fb.. he does not care to me at all. he did not say sorry either.

  • yes, you def. will. you're confronting your bf, and that creates drama


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