Okay, what's up with this girl?

I met this girl online, and I just don't understand her. Please let me know what you think.

- We've been on 8 dates. Variety of stuff. I thought we had fun every time. Every time I've paid to make it clear it's a date.
- We've kissed - nothing more than that, but she seemed into it when we did.
- We text or snapchat every day.

So today, she complains about being single. To me. I mean, it's obvious that I like her - it's obvious that I'm trying to take her on dates. I know she's not in love with me, but I was kinda taken aback. I mean, the whole point of all this is so that she's NOT single anymore.

Can someone explain what she's doing? Testing me? If she's using me, what's the point? Should I play the same game and see how far she'll go sexually?

I'm having more fun doing this than being single, and I'm still looking for someone who will be more into me. So I'm not going to just break it off - I'm just trying to understand.


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  • either she is using you, or that is her twisted way of trying to get you to make it offical... you see by telling you she hates being single it allows her to see how you react, or maybe it was a push so you could jump in and say hey i thought we had something going

    • Well let's say hypothetically that she's using me - what's the point? I know some girls go out with guys they aren't interested in for the perks of it, but I'm not taking her to 4-star restaurants every week. I haven't bought her any sort of gifts. Is a free meal (or free concert ticket or whatever) every once in a while worth hanging out with (and kissing) someone you're not, at all, interested in? That just seems like a waste of time from a guy's perspective.

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    • Yeah, when she texted it, I did say something, but it sorta got lost in the conversation. That's probably not a great sign, but it's something I'd probably rather talk about in person anyway. I'd definitely be interested in a relationship if that's what she's after. It'd just be a little hurtful if she's complaining about being single but doesn't want to be with me, you know?

    • Hahaha more than you know, i got stuck in that loop and wasted my time on a guy that really could've cared less

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  • It seems like she is a little into you but the reason she complains to you about it is because she wants you to make it clear how you feel about her or that you guys are in relationship. Maybe she's just unclear of where you guys stand. She doesn't seem to be complaining to complain. She wants you to make it clear that you want a relationship with her.

  • Are you guys exclusive? If yes, she may not have the confidence to call yourselves boyfriend-girlfriend. Talk to her make it official. If no, well that's the problem.

  • Is she saying that so that maybe you'll bring up y'all being together? She could be complaining about being single only for y'all to talk and understand what are y'all doing..


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  • So you're calculating how much money, time and efforts used to seduce her but not getting back the exact 'need' you want? If she wants to be exclusive she would bring up the topic, therefore there's no need to 'worry' about it. Hang out have fun hook up with a few girls more.