Ways to become more dateable in one month?

I've been single too long and need to get back out there and out of a rut. Aside from a power diet and more exercise, what are some things to add to a dating boot camp. Help a girl get some!


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  • Get social and flirty. Warm that engine up!

    • Where oh where to find men in their thirties who aren't repulsed by chicks their own age? ;)

    • Not here! I'm gay! *runs away*


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  • make a better dating profile? get better pictures and write better about me , that might help get some dates
    but going to gym might also help but can take a long time to yield results at a gym

    • I think I'll get a few. I've been out by choice after some bad apples. How can I have a lot of fun to make up for my hesitance?

  • smile, say hi to guys you are attracted to

    • Whst do you do to get excited about dating? Or have you been off the market for a long time?

    • meeting a confident female that's a little flirty, that can be exciting.
      definitely may get my attention

  • Make up,

    The ultimate tool women have been using to deceive men for centuries

    Push up Bra (Optional)


What Girls Said 2

  • By getting yourself out there. You can do everything right but if you're sitting at home more then going out, then you're never going to get some

    • I'm starting to daydream about sleeping with men at the grocery store... I think
      That's a sign you're right!

    • Say hi to the men in the grocery store. I've always thought it'd be a cool place to meet someone.

    • Sometimes I say hi or chat in the beer aisle, but I'm not sure how that turns into a real conversation. I'm a little nervous I'll flirt with a married guy since it's not uncommon for them to take their rings off for work.

  • What's holding you back? If it's looks, makeovers are an excellent tool. If it's awkwardness, learn to flirt! Practice online a little bit, and then you'll get used to it.

    • My last relationship really broke my spirit, haha. I was down in the dumps. My next attempts at dating just didn't go well. So I haven't been in a relationship for a year or dated at all for about 4 months. I'm trying to get pumped up! :)

    • I see. Go to a party! Or to the club. Just get really into it!