What if your girlfriend broke up with you, blocked you on FB and get engaged then she wanted to back to you again but you are in a relationship now?

It's obviously :No don't back to her, I know and I won't do that because I'm so happy with my girlfriend , but I was thinking if my ex and I can be just friends or maybe she will try to back to me again and ruin my relationship between my girlfriend and me, she is a little bit mean? and because she is a singer and she has this fantastic Parisian charm, just a tip : she broke up with the guy she was engaged to.


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  • Why go back to her if you're in a happy relationship with your current gf? You answered your own question right there. Thing is, she broke up with you. She didn't like you for you, and now she's looking at you as a backup cause she's lonely. Don't fall for it. You're better than that.

    • I meant can we be friends? I know I can't back to like her as a girlfriend again after what she done with me , that's it.

    • It's hard to be friends with your ex. I mean you've seen each naked. Unless you're comfortable beyond belief that nothing will happen, I suggest against it. Your current gf would be suspicious too if you're suddenly friends with your ex again.. Think about it.


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  • You ignore her because you moved on with your life. She don't want you she just wants an who boost. She just wants to see if she still got it


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  • Nah, fuck that bitch.

  • I've cut off contact permanently for less. I didn't need that drama, and neither do you.