I finally told my best friends that I have feelings for him?

I've been trying to tell me best guy friend that I have feelings for him, I don't want want anything to change really but it ended up being a pretty good conversation I guess. I asked him to put into perspective a few scenarios. ( we do have sex with eachother, but then afterwards we are back to being best friends) I asked him basically how would he feel if I started dating a guy, and I let him come home with me and fuck me , and how would that make him feel? He said he would feel jealous, sad, and abandoned. He also says he wants things to be the way they are... Cause relationships end... And our friendship won't die. I mean I get that... I really do. From a mans point of view... What is he trying to say here? I mean there's no doubt that we adore eachother... Is that really all it is that he doesn't want to lose me as a friend? I mean I don't want to lose him either... But we ended the conversation with sticking to being friends , and continue this great thing we have , and that if sometuing were to come up that we would go on a date or something we would discuss it first with eachother. Like basically ground rules. However him and I are almost made for eachother, and I don't want to get hurt , and I told him that's what I'm having this talk with him cause it would break my heart for him to be with someone else. Should I even continue this? We truly are like best friends it's crazy, and we just started getting physical like a few months ago. After we had out talk tonight we had sex , and once again it was passionate , he looks me in my eyes, and kisses my neck , and likes to smell the scent on my neck. Like wtf? I dunno. I guess the talk went well... We did discuss how we disclose certain things as well... Like kissing ( we do a lot of kissing during sex, but not when we are just hanging out) , and we don't hold hands , or really cuddle. We have before though, and and slept on the same bed. I know I'm writing a lot but I'm so freckin confused about this.

I didn't have enough room... Basically I just want to know opinions on whether or not I should continue this?


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  • Yeah he basically want friends with benefits with you. If you want to test that theory tell him you should stop engaging in any more sexual activities and see how he responds. If he still wants to be friends like he claims, then he will go that route. If he says he will stop talking to you or gets defensive and insists on engaging sexually with you then he is trying to fight for friends with benefits. Don't forget to mention that you have no plans on seeing any other men when you propose this idea so the jealousy factor doesn't play into this.


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  • i hope he didn't feel asleep by the time you ended your conversation

    a summary would be helpful


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  • I think you two need to decide if your best friends or if you want to be together because if you two continue to sleep together your friendship will end. If you guys are in a relationship ya things could end but if your truly best friends you can be friends again. You both admited to having feelings so explain to me how not being able to sleep with other people and go on dates and spend your time together is any different from a relationship without a title. I have a friend that's done this and it ended horribly you need to decide what you want to be and if you don't want to be in a relationship you two need to figure out how to be ok with sleeping with other people