How do I ask him to hang out?

So there is this guy in my class that I like and I want to ask him to hang out sometime but I never really get the chance because of other people around. How do I ask him so it won't be awkward. Could I send him and email or is that too weird. Help what should I do?


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  • are you friends with this guy? or have at least had a few good conversations with him? I wouldn't email him, but its not a good idea to just walk up to him and ask him to hangout randomly, but if you started talking to him more often you could casually bring up hanging out, can I get a bit more information on your relationship with this guy?

  • Emailing is definitely weird, especially for a guy. What I do is when we're hanging out with a crowd, and if he's standing alone, I just strike up a conversation and we'd just talk alone and get to know each other. Then you can ask him if he wants to go out with you sometime. I'm assuming you've never talked to him before though. It would be easier to ask him to a party or a group event before asking him to go somewhere alone with you though.