I'm in love with a nerd & I hate that I'm to shy to make conversation with him?

I'm dating a guys named Corey & this will be the 2ed time we have dated. The 1st time we dated for 6 months & I was head over heals in love & he ended up breaking up with me. We went a year without talking. When we started talking again we texted each other day & night for a week straight like we were best friends all of a sudden. So he ask me to be his girlfriend again & give us another try. I really like this guy but for some reason he's the only one I am really quit with. When were hanging out my mind gos blank & I don't know why. I'm think it's because I just wanna empress him so much that I started over thinking things. I really want it to work this time! How to i empress & talk to a nerdy guy?


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  • Just be yourself...once u stop worrying so much about impressing him, you'll be more relaxed. I promise. :)

  • Just quit overthinking things.


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