Need help on how to find a girlfriend?

any tips for me? 19 never had a girlfriend! I am starting feeling down like it never gonna happen! can not talk to girl but only on facebook! help?


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  • I agree with the other post on here, if you never try you'll never know. You have to ask yourself honestly, these questions:
    (1) Do I put myself out there when talking to girls?
    (2) Am I confident with myself knowing that I am a good whole person?
    Here's something I would suggest, if you're in school, join a club or a new group or activity something that you like to do ie sports, theater etc, then you'll be able to meet some new people that share common interests and this could help provide grounds for talking or conversations. You need to have faith in yourself, girls are VERY observant when it comes to watching guys and how they act, we can tell in a split second if you're confident in yourself or not. So smile some more, open up a door for someone, walk with your head held high and shoulders back and just be yourself, but you have to try and put yourself out a little bit too... take risks they can be worth it.


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  • first you need to water them, once they grow you'll be able to talk to a girl in person

  • I think you need to boost up your confidence before anything. If you keep that, "It's never going to happen" attitude you won't get far. Just get yourself out there. I get you don't have much experience but if you keep complaining and not doing anything about it, it won't get you very far either. I'm sure there are girls out there that think you're a cool dude. Just take risks and don't fear rejection. Tell jokes, compliment, be friendly. You never know until you try.


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