Im trying to surprise my gf after not seeing her for 2 months. any ideas?

Flowers? i was thinking maybe movies also? and a fancy dinner. she loves italian


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  • Yes to flowers and the doesn't have to be fancy...just something she likes. I'm not sure about the movies...because if I were her and hadn't seen you in 2 months I'd probably want as much time to talk to you as possible...or do an activity where you could still engage in depends on where you live, I suppose. If you're in a big city maybe a nice museum...or some type of nature place...or the zoo...put put golfing...or even just a walk around the city would be nice and get some coffee after dinner.

  • well there you have your answer. a romantic evening starting with picking her up with a bouquet, taking her to an italian diner and finishing it of with a movie you'd both enjoy :)


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