How do I go about tell a girl I've known for ten years my true feelings about her?

I've known my friend for ten years now we met working at a summer camp and we just kinda clicked when we first met and have stayed in touch ever since and really gone through the ups and downs i mean she knows everything about me and she really gets me so much


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  • Yes do it! Who knows she probably likes you too. Maybe she has never said anything because you only think of her as a friend. You probably dont want to risk your relationship with her but are you sure you want to continue like this.

    • i honestly want to ask her out and start dating her

    • It sounds like your in love give it a shot! And dont live in fear, you have to move on, even if things dont go well at least you tried :)


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  • 10 years is a long time, I can't tell you she loves you in the way you probably want her to but I don't doubt she does love you in some way. You just have to be honest, but it would be a little awkward to suddenly say 'oh fyi I've always cared about you'. Just start asking her out for romantic meals etc changing the direction of how things are going so that gradually things progress in that way naturally and then when they time feels right you're going to have to say what you need to say.

  • I think it's best face to face, are you going to be around her anytime soon?

  • Out with it man, face to face. Don't be afraid if she is who you want to be with go for the kill!


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