Need some advice on girls and if she's interested?

So I just graduated college long story short I met this girl couple months ago through some friends. We lived in different cities so nothing happened. Me and her talked quiet a bit initially however I just moved back and she just broke up with her serious boyfriend. We talk and hang out quiet regularly for the past 2 weeks and I found out she really liked me back when we first met (through her mom haha). What I don't get is when we do hang out, every now and then she talks about hooking up with other guys. For example she told me she snapchatted her "friend" "I want the D" you can imagine my reaction. Then today she got off work at 10pm and wanted to go get something to eat I agreed and picked her up however she invited her brother along. I have no idea what to think any opinions?


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  • When her mum said she liked you, she only meant she thinks you are cool/friend material. Otherwise, her mum would have told you she had a crush on you or something more to the point. I like lots of my guy friends, but I have feelings for one of them. See the difference?

    Her bringing her brother along only just proves she sees you as a friend. If she like liked you, she would want to be alone with you.


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  • sorry to say, but i think you're in the friend zone.

  • she probably not into no more and has put u in the friendzone


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