Where to go on a date, not movies?

hey so this guy asked me out. i refuse to go on a date to dinner and a movie. its stupid and makes for an awkward date. so where to go and what to do? dont want to go to each others houses. also, neither of us have drivers licences. also, not sure if this is a date or just hanging out, so what to do?


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  • Fishing, hiking, mini-golf, go to a museum, explore your city, go for a nature walk at a local national park and have a picnic, go to the mall, day trip to somewhere nice, go to a park, bowling, a zoo, amusement park, shooting range, aquarium, Laser tag, arcade, day trip to the beach, drive around town, carnivals, county-fair, do a hobby together, go to a sports game whether local or professional, kayaking, go-karting, canoeing, sky diving, something outdoorsy, take a class together on something, picnic, dance


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  • What about bowling? That is fun and you can make conversation.

    • and its not awkward with just 2 people? (note we're both very nervous about dating)

    • I can understand being nervous, I have never dated and know I'll be nervous.

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  • Try going to to a park, ice skating or do something you both enjoy. I think going over eachothers houses would be a bit too soon.

    • we both like hiking, but i dont know if our parents would be keen on us hanging out in the woods (not that we would do anything but still lol!)

    • That sounds good! Just ask you never know!