Did she blow me off?

Hi everybody, I have a quick question for you. So I was at a party with some people from work this past Thursday evening. I started talking to a girl whom I've known for about a year now, but we've never really talked or gotten to know one another much. Well we chatted for most of the night, and she ended up giving me her number, and we made plans for hanging out the next evening, nothing extravagant just a bar we both like, so we could get a few drinks. So the next day I sent her a text to finalize our plans, and she wrote back that she wouldn't be able to go because she was too tired from the party the night before. So my question is do you think she is blowing me off, or do you think she actually was just too tired? She did end up leaving the party at 3 or 4 am and we both did have to work the next day. What do you think?

Thanks for the answers everyone. Very helpful. No I haven't set up another time to go out with her yet. I didn't want to seem too pushy or ask her too soon.
Ok, well here's the update. It looks like she was blowing me off. I tried to contact her to set up another time to meet. I sent her an I'm on Facebook which she didn't reply too and later I sent her a text which she didn't reply too :( Oh well I tried


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  • shes tired therefore she will be interested in going out with you another time..partying all night will leave you too tired to do it all over again the next night.


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  • She probibly was pretty tired if she left the party around 3 or 4, I kno I would be then she had to work the next day! I doubt she is, call her and invite her out agian!


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  • I think she may be to tired. Did you ask her to hang out another time?