He finally asked me out, gave me his number, but didn't want mine?

Okay, so I've been wondering if my co-worker was interested, from all the signals he was giving.tonight he finally came out and asked.And then I said maybe I should give my number.He said sure, he gave me his, but didn't want mine.He said it would come up when I called.

Does this seem odd.We have a date Tues.

Edit: Typo, I said yes to the date.Not maybe.
I'm so used to typing maybe.He asked me to lunch last week and I said maybe then.But I wasn't sure of his motives, and still aren't.

I'm shy and socially awkward.haha


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  • I did the same thing with my now GF... I expected her to call/text me so I was sure she was genuinely interested.

    You have a date Tuesday anyway? so don't worry!

    • He never showed nor texted, but I understand him not texting, because he didn't have it. I texted and asked if we're still meeting and he told me his brother was/might be having a heart attack and they were going to the ER. I don't know if I believe him or not. Felt like a fool waiting for him.


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  • The balls in your court now. He wasn't sure of your level of interest. When a girl responds with a maybe we take it to mean "no".

    • I didn't mean to type maybe I said yes.Not maybe.lol

    • Well...he made it so he knows for sure your level of interest. I mean what other reason would you call him right?

      What does it matter...Are you interested? Rejection is tough on guys, anything we can do to lessen it we'll do.

  • nice trick :D i think he is just shy and wants you to call first. maybe he want´s you to feel in controll to be more comfortable with him?

    • Yeah, I'm really awkward around him.I was so embarrassed when I tripped lol.

    • don´t think about it :D that´s really cute. it helps to know that it´s usually not awkward to him at all.

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  • I think he wants you to make the move, maybe. It turns some guys on to not be in the driver's seat.