Does it hurt for a girl when having sex for the first time.?

My girlfriend and I have been getting closer and closer. And we are doing more and more. So we started talking about sex and if we should try it out. But I am just worried that I might hurt her because it is the first time for both of us.


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  • just be gental. remember that it is both of your first times. be respectful. know both of your limits. if she asks you to stop. stop. dont push it.


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  • I'd reccomend lube. It took me so long to get it all the way in, I don't think my juices were even flowing at that point lol.
    Just remember to go SLOW. Let her control how far you go in. Tell her to talk to you and tell you what she's feeling. Let her maybe take it out on you (by clawing) that way you could tell when what you do hurts, and shell have an outlet for the pain.
    When you get it in sit for a second. Move in andout VERY SLOWLY and then SLOWLY pick up the pace.
    I tried on three different occasions before he could get it all the way in. and when i did lose it it took maybe 15-30 mjnutes before it was even all the way in
    Be patient, dont get discouraged if it doesn't go smoothly, just remember she's the one getting ripped open here :))

  • Some people more than others just go slow.

  • It's not going to be comfortable for her, but use some lube if u need too. And enter slowly

  • I agree with what the other girls and emphasize the stopping part. If she gives you any indication of wanting to stop you have to be a good guy and stop. No matter how good it feels. Sometimes it just hurts our is emotional and you want to stop. Don't take it personally.

  • Not if you do the following:

    #1 Lots of foreplay
    #2 Use lube, you'll need it at least the first time (be generous)
    #3 Go slowly
    #4 Make sure she's relaxed because if she's not she'll tense up and it will be very painful/impossible


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