Is it possible to hit on more than 20 women a day?

i been doing this self hypnosis program called the Collection of Confidence. it was created by that PUA guy name Hypnotica. this is the program btw...

i was doing so well with this program till now that i had hit a brick wall. you see this program has five meditation chapter and each one aims a different conflicts of life. each meditation requires you to do some exercises and pre mental programming before doing to the meditation.

anyway the chapter that i'm currently on right now aims towards the fear of women and the mental exercise for this one he requires you to hit on at least 20 women a day for one week straight and this seems pretty impossible and frustrating for me. like what the fuck? why 20? does this guy not know that maybe there are people out there who have a life and dont have time to dedicate to this much women? or does he know that maybe there are guys out there who live in boring places that is hard to meet or run into this many women in one day?

anyways yes i am pissed off about and i feel like writing this asshole a letter. but in the meantime can anybody please give me some ideas on how i can accomplish this? especially if you go to school and work and live in a really boring state like me


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  • I think his point is repetition. If you do something enough times it stops becoming intimidating or scary. So by hitting on this many women, the "fear of women" is slowly being eliminated. I think it makes sense, but I also never read it. I am not quite sure he is literally saying 20 women, but if you are trying to accomplish this, go to a bar, or a club, somewhere with lots of people and give it a shot.
    Good luck.

    • thanks and i think it makes sense to but he makes it sound like its as easy as going out to a garden to pick out flowers. i mean i understand if its just for a day or two but come on, a week? i dont think even bars or clubs are that active throughout the whole week. and like i said in my description box, i dont live in a busy place like NY where is active 24/7 and you see and run into more than a thousand people a day

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    • that is what i though of doing but my voices in my head keep telling me to follow direction or that program won't work, blah blah blah and that is what i fear the most being as perfectionist as i am

    • Well try it. If you decide after trying that 20 is impossible, adjust it. Better to try it first so you won't have any worries about changing it! :)


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  • I agree with rawr here. The point is to raise your confidence and get you used to something that you normally wouldn't be comfortable doing. You don't have to go out there with a tally sheet of women to hit on for the day, but more experience will help you out and make situations where you intend to hit on a woman for...other purposes...less awkward, because it will feel more natural. If you're just having trouble talking to women, start off using pick up lines as a joke. If you can make her laugh, you're prepared for it not to really lead anywhere that a pickup line is intended to lead, and you at least have a foot in the door in terms of conversation.

  • Just think about how many women you come in contact in an average day (regardless if they're in relationships or your type).. then you'll see if it's impossible or not.

    I think that quota should vary from person to person.


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  • Pretty much what Rawrnessism said. He wants you to get used to rejection meaning AIM FOR NO'S and if one of them say yes then hey, you got yourself a date! Once rejection is second nature to you then pretty much you can be yourself and say whatever the hell you want without caring being rejected by women. He wants you to be a persistent as hell. The hardest part is being in the field. I mean, after all, you don't have success after one try, you gotta keep going and going and going until success happens constantly and consistently.

    • that true i understand that, i mean i pray to get rejected all those 140 times because i a relationship is the last thing i want right now. but yea being in the field is my major obstacle right now since i live in such a dead state and work and school get in the way

  • Just go to the mall and you have thousands of girls to pick from.

  • yeah its possible to hit on even more just go to any shopping mall.