Is it good to have more in common with a girl?

A lot of my friends tell me that it is good to have less in common than more in common with girls. Basically that opposites attract. So I just wanted to know if this is wrong

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  • "Opposites attract" is true for particles, but not for people. I can't really stand people who disagree with me and then they're unwilling to see that they're wrong even when I provide valid evidence that proves I'm right. Also, sometimes just the way someone else thinks or behaves or acts or speaks or their habits or their pretty much anything can be so out of tune with you that you just don't want any more of that.

    If you have more things in common? Then you can share the activity.
    I see literally zero benefits to being opposites and a bunch of benefits for having more in common, so screw differences. The more you have in common, the more you're compatible, and the less likely you'll be to start stupid fights about stupid things that don't even matter.


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  • I'm dating someone just like me. We have so much fun, but sometimes were so alike its boring. I don't want to be with myself forever.

  • Opposites attract but they break up and divorce more often. If you have similar goals and expectations of your life with someone else and how they see theirs going then it is more likely to work.

  • If you have more in common, there would be some common ground, and you guys would get along better. However, if you're just like each other, that can easily get boring. It's like dating yourself.


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