Beach date ideas? Best answer gets most helpful!?

As a graduation present I am taking my boyfriend to the beach! But it will be at night, to eat dinner! I have a blanket, tea light candles and a table. What should I do for food? what should we do? And more romantic ideas? Thank you!


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  • Candles will blow out, get those LED ones. Think finger foods...cubes of cheese, crackers, fruit, olives
    Like this can even feed him. Things that don't need to be heated and are sturdy for packingA bottle of wine if you are legal...have some romantic music or just listen to the waves. A moonlit walk is awesome.


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  • food should be simple. cheese and crackers with salami. fruit. anything easy to eat with your hands and that you can easily protect from sand getting on it. Grab some wine and wine glasses. keep it simple but tasty!!!