How long will a guy take to ask a girl out?

If she keeps giving the guy positive body language will he eventually get it! And ask her out?
Flirting, smiling, talking, texting but not to much, talking on the phone, etc... Will he finally understand that she likes him?

Because its obvious he def likes her!
He flirts, smiles, texts late at night (10 at night), touches, makes eye contact, etc...


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  • Guys are stupid on this sort of thing. Of course, you might think it's obvious, but a lot of the 'flirting' techniques that women use are very confusing. They can usually be viewed as something a regular friend would do. I've texted and talked on the phone with numerous girls, and a lot of them had absolutely no romantic interest in me. I know because they told me.

    You're smiling? You're looking at each other? Just notice, these are things that friends would do, as well. Maybe to a lesser degree, but friends would do it, as well. You might want to be a bit more obvious. Of course, you could always bring it up to him.

    If you're getting impatient, then just ask him what he thinks about you. Try to get him to tell you his feelings somehow. If that doesn't work, then you might have to make it more obvious than just looking at him and smiling. Light touching on the shoulder or something.

    If all else fails, just ask him out. Scary, right? Yeah, we know. @_@


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  • Sorry for the rude awakening but some guys will never figure it out unless they hear the words "I like you" or, from a friend, "____ likes you". Yep, there are some guys who are that oblivious.

  • How long is a piece of string? Its taken me 9 months to pluck up the courage to even talk to her. Please answer thanks

  • Don't wait for him to ask you out, just ask him out!


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