Guys, how long did it take until you told your gf that you love her?

I have been dating with my bf for 4 months now and everything is going well so far. He calls me every day and we text each other so often. We love spending time together on weekends and we have wonderful time... but he hasn't told me that he loves me yet. About 2 month ago he told me he hasn't falling love with me yet... he also said when he says the magic three words that means forever. I understand that he takes it very seriously but I wonder how long it takes for him to fall in love with me. I sometimes feel like he is not letting me cross the line because of his ex fiancé who he was with for 6 years. She dumped him 4 months before we started dating.

How long did it take you to tell your gf that you love her?


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  • she took a week but I dont know if she lied. I knew for me it was instant I felt that spark.

    • Can you fall in love with the girl later in the relationship if you don't feel the spark at the beginning?

    • I dont think so. everyone is different. Im still coping with her lie..


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  • Just let him go on his own time frame. Saying those words actually mean something to some guys and are not flippant about using them. Don't worry about it and enjoy the time you spend together.

    • Thank you... Yea he takes the three words very seriously but I am the type that I can tell if I can fall in love or not after 3 months... I know he likes me a lot but I am concerned if his feelings can grow more than this...

  • it would probably take a lot of time after she has proven she is it really.

  • Usually 2 months if u feel it I say it

    • If you don't feel it for two month would you know if you can fall in love with her or not?

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    • If you like the girl a lot but even you know you can't really fall in love with her would you still stay bf and gf? I wonder of that is what is going on with my bf

    • No although it would hurt I would let her go so she can feel loved like every girl deserves

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  • Everyone takes a different amount of time to fall in love and then actually admit it.

    Don't worry. Not having said the words doesn't mean he doesn't feel it.