He hasn't texted in 10 days, should I text him?

So, I've been casually seeing this guy for 4 months. I moved to another city in the middle of May and he is moving to the same city at the beginning of July, so he will be here soon. He mentioned multiple times that we will continue to see each other once he arrives. He stayed in contact with me regularly, up until 10 days ago. He pretty much always initiated contact because I just prefer when guys text me first and he knows that. But now, he hasn't texted me for 10 days. I know it's a definite possibility he met someone else or lost interest, but I was wondering if I should reach out just one last time? If so, what should I say?


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  • Never hurts to do that. Just ask him how things have been and what he's been up to, if the convo goes well then ask if he wants to meet up or get drinks/coffee etc.

  • Nope, he must likely moved on so should you. Rule of thumb if your not giving him sex then someone else is/will.


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