I told the guy that I'm dating that I have feelings for him and he kinda freaked out about it. Did I mess things up?

I've been dating this guy for a few months and I expressed my feelings for him. He freaked out and said that he was just going along with it and that when I told him that it made things real and that it would be a bumpy road. He's got trust issues and it's almost like he is afraid to tell me how he feels. Or that I should know by the times we spend together and stuff. We had a fight about this but talked it out and spent some time together. We still spend time together and we talk on the phone more now. He seems distant to me now. He won't tell me what he wants or what he wants with me. But he gets very jealous when I hang out with my guy friends or if I'm texting a lot. When we are together we mesh well and always have a great time. But something seems off to me. I feel like I care more and out in more effort. And the other night he laid his head on my stomach and held onto me. It's weird because he's never done it. So I'm wondering if I messed things up and what to do now


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  • You two are in different places for how you see your relationship. He still seems as if it is in a casual stage you are obvious getting more serious. Proclaiming your feelings has made him realize that things are getting serious and he isn't ready for that. A few months really isn't long. Just because you are different stages doesn't mean anything is necessarily wrong. Give him so more time to adjust and come around.


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  • I don't think you messed things up. Just take things slowly.