He only text messages...rarely calls!!!

Ok. I have been seeing this guy, and he text messages me all the time. He rarely calls me. I would like to receive more phone calls. How can I tell him this without sounding bitchy or needy?


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  • A lot of people don't like talking on the phone because I guess it makes them feel awkward. Also he might be busy or think you don't want to have an actual phone conversation. But next time you're texting him and he's not doing anything then just be like "hey it would be nice to hear your voice, I'm so tired of texting. Can I/you call you/me?" I think phone conversations help a relationship become stronger 100x more than texting does.


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  • Seeing you age ( not an insult) I understand. We grew up and the age of telephones. People who are younger at heart or just young text each other. I prefer talking face to face after a phone call myself. Just tell him you don't have time during your busy day to keep up with everyone's text. Let him know that if he is really interested in you for more than just texting he is going to have to call.

    You don't have to come off as bitchy. He may me communicating with lots of younger women from this site alone. Today's girls use cell phones and text like their crazy. I don't care for it. Microwave tech next to my brain is not a safe solution in my opinion. Go for it.


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  • Maybe you should start telling him to call you tomorrow when your conversations end. Until you guys get to the point where you DO talk on the phone, be happy with what you have. Atleast he's talking to you a lot. Or maybe ask why he doesn't like talking on the phone, he may not have privacy.