I wish people would take dating more down to earth, chilled out, etc?

I wish people would take dating more down to earth, chilled out, like I care about people as a whole, not based off their appearance or personality


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  • I agree with everything you said! :) Someone understands it yeyyy!!


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  • The first thing we notice about a person is their appearance.

    • yeah I mean like look at somebody and then look away real quickly like theirs no way I want to know that person, I'm just saying get to know someone for who they first :)

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    • It will happen, or I shall die alone like a cat lady :P

    • good luck finding that blue eyed dude, but never go like a cat lady lol, and well I just like any girl, so im waiting for someone to accept me to go on dates, if not ill just be alone walking the streets or something like that :P

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  • The individual parts matter, as well as the sum of the parts. 8-)

  • Girls don't always end up with a handsome or good looking guy and guys these days will hook up with almost any girl with a vagina as long as a guy gets laid very few guys or girls with an exceptional looking mate yes guys and girls have standards but in the end they end up with someone who they have chemistry with of course that is just my observation