Can I give a letter to a guy who is 30 yo?

Can I send a letter to a guy who is 30 yo and flirt with him? I'm sure he likes me but I'm not sure if I can give him the letter


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  • According to your other question you are only 14 years old. Now technically yes you can send him a letter and flirt if you want to, but I would highly suggest against it. I'm not sure if you know this guy in real life or not but it can be very dangerous to be dabbling into that pool with older men, especially at your age. If he were to reciprocate, he would be a pedophile. If you get into a relationship with him, it is illegal. I don't even think dating at 14 is a good/great idea, let alone getting involved with men who are more than twice your age. I dont think you are at that maturity level to understand all the risks involved in doing such things (I'm not implying you are unintelligent, its just how age and brain development work), so I think you should wait at least til you are 18 to pursue such a thing (and when it is legal to pursue such a thing), but also consider where he may be mentally if he is interested in a minor and willing to get involved also.


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  • It's statutory rape if it goes much further. A relationship with you could ruin his future. He could become a registered sex offender.

    I'm sure you do like him and it's possible he likes you, but you really are playing with fire here. Why not save that letter for someone you like who likes you and who also couldn't wind up ruined?

  • If u were to date him that would be illegal and he would legally and socially be labeled as a child molester so no dont do it.

  • I mean technically you can, morally you shouldn't. this guy sounds like a predator and in all actuality be reported to the authorities.


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  • I'd wait until you're 18, I was with a 30 year old guy when I was 15. ( yes I know wrong blah blah) but we really cared about each other and he was a good guy, not once did he try anything with me and we we're together for 10 months, but eventually someone found out and I got into a lot of trouble. So, I really would wait until you'e 18.