Does he really like mem or a I crazy?

I've been seeing this guy (31) for a month and a half. Three weeks ago I told him I was strating to feel something (We started as friends almost 4 months ago, so I told him if I ever started to feel something I'd tell him, so I did) and that I was kinda jealous. He came to my house and told me he wasn't looking for a relationship right now, and that he knows that right now he couldn't give me all his free time, but when that time comes it will be me, he'll see me and that he didn't want to stop talking to me. So then things got kinda awkward, so I started going crazy on him for about a week, then he called and said "You've been acting really crazy for the past week, that's why I was avoiding you, you need to relax, and I'm telling you this because I love you, I appreciate you, and I want to keep communication with you, you think if I didn't I'd still be here after all you've said to me, etc" so I got calmed and we were ok. Today I sent him a whatsapp "Hello, how's it going?" and he saw it and went offline, so I got a little mad and I was about to go crazy again on him and tell him that we should stop talking, and he called me and said "I saw your message and thought about you, I called just to hear your voice" and we kept talking and he also asked me when we were gonna see each other, and kept talking for about half an hour.

I know he likes me, because he said it, but does he really like me more than friends? We've been on a few dates, before he went on vacation he wanted to see me, he brought me a gift, he used to talk to me all day everyday, whatsapp, phonecalls, videocalls, etc. Ofcourse not after I went crazy on him. We have great chemistry, there's attraction, communication, everything, just I think the timing right now is not the best.

What should I do? (I'm 23)


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  • He has things to figure out most likely, but he still wants to be with you. So if you think he's worth it, I would suggest be patient with him and wait.


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  • He seems nice... If you really like him then see how it plays out. Still go out, have fun and keep your options open. He's been nothing but honest it sounds like, so you need to decide if waiting is worth it.