I got friend-zoned after we dated?

I dated this guy who was initially my friend. We took a break a few weeks later but he wants to remain friends. He still communicates with me but it's kept short. How often should I communicate with him and is he going to come back?


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  • A girl got zoned? whoa! Pretty women don't get zoned. The best advice I can give you is save your dignity and stop talking to him altogether. I've been in the zone before, and people only keep you there for the sake of their own ego. They never forget that you are interested in them. It gives them a chance to reject you over and over again. Nothing more flattering to the ego than rejecting another person. I've been rejected before, and I always felt like the person who rejected me got a slight sense of satisfaction from it. So when I find out that I'm in the friend-zone, I disappear.

    • Compared to him I'm smoking hot. He was lucky to get me to begin with. Should I stop replying to his communications?

    • Absolutely. Don't give anyone the satisfaction of being "a friend" when they know that you want something more. People make the mistake of thinking that someday, the friend will become the lover. If you aren't careful, you are going to be the girl that he calls just to complain about his REAL girlfriend. You don't need that. esp. if you're smoking hot... Cast your line back into the water. Wait for a good catch. One that wants to be a meal.


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  • Communicate when you have nothing better going on. No, he likely will not come back.

    • If he is not interested in coming back why does he still communicate with me despite me never initiating conversation with him

    • I don't know. But if he wanted to date you, he'd still be dating you wouldn't he?

  • I like this guy, he friend zoned you, cool. Sorry, I needed to say that.

    Give him time, and communicate a little bit less than before you dated.
    Eventually he will miss you and come back. Just give it time.

    • I'm starting to wonder if he's gay? I don't get how this happened lol

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  • Just stop all communications with him. It's plain as the nose on your face that he rejected you. He's only keeping you around for ego boost. You will get hurt over and over again by him. He obviously doesn't have your best interests at heart. Pick yourself off, brush off the dust and move on, and away from him. As someone already mentioned, he friend-zoned you because you become an ego booster to him and he can reject you as many time as he wants. Have more respect for yourself, you are worth way more than that.