Do guys or girls have lower standards (in terms of physical attractiveness)?

do you think guys or girls have lower standards in the looks dept?


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  • Guys do.

    Disclaimer: I'm 23, so most of what I'm saying is observed among girls in my approximate age range (18-25)
    Basic female standards usually include:
    Height: usually either decently tall (5'11-6'1) or super tall (6'4+)
    Body structure: some girls like athletic, some like lanky, some like more bear-mode, but girls typically have a specific type that they want and don't deviate much from it
    Features: gotta have masculine features, like chiseled jawline, broad shoulders, etc
    Ethnicity: white seems to be the most accepted, but a lot of girls only date a few races of guys
    Hair: either facial hair must be present or must not be present, this must be tailored to her preference; same seems to apply to body hair, especially chest/back
    Age: the guy usually must be older than her, but by how much is based on individual preference, and girls don't seem to deviate much from their chosen age group

    Those are just basics I see all the time. That isn't even taking into account stuff like hairstyle, fashion, piercings, body art, etc., and most of this stuff determines his chance of even being able to strike up a conversation in the first place, much less going anywhere with it. I hear girls talking about guys that hit on them all the time- most of the conversation is about picking all his flaws, not finding good points about him. It's depressing to listen to.

    In summary:
    Which gender has lower standards? Probably guys
    Which gender is less picky? Absolutely guys


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  • Guys have lower standards.
    Height? girls can be shorter or taller
    Size? as long as I can still carry her
    Face? a pretty face
    ethnicity? doesn't even matter
    personality? as long as she's not boring
    Optional traits: similar interest/activities

    Most girls would not even give a guy a chance base on height alone, no matter how good looking he is.
    "sorry you are way too tall, sorry you are too short, sorry we're the same height and when i wear heels.. OH and you can't wear shoes that makes you look taller unless you are tom cruise"

    Most guys
    short girls: Check it out, she's fun size ;)
    tall girls: I'd climb that tree any day

  • Guys have lower standards. Not all but most. Physically if you have a pretty face and nice tits PHYSICALLY im attracted haha

  • I'd personally go for personality and chemistry over looks.

    I think it would be different for everyone.

  • Its totally subjective matter.

    Girls do emphasise more on looks where guys do not care much about looks.

    Both are good in one or other criteria.

  • Definitely guys have lower standards

  • What you consider low standards is what someone else will consider high standards. It's all subjective. There is no one size fits all.


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  • Girls are concerned about compatability, personality and how they feel about each other.

    I think guys are more concerned about looks. Thats what it takes to get it up.

  • I have what is considered "low-standards" but in my pov it's not low

  • I would say women will settle in looks more than men. Men are hardwired to go after physical traits in women that signal childbearing potential so they can pass on their genes. Women are hardwired to to be attracted to a man's skills aka his ability to provide and protect offspring.