What do I do when I have a boyfriend and like someone else who likes me back?

I have a boyfriend and he is really nice but he's really hard to talk normally to. it always has to be inapropreate or sexual. I like another guy and he is so nice and the perfect guy and me and him are good friends. I've liked him for a while and have just been hideing it. Yesterday I learned that he liked me back. What can I do? I don't wanna be mean and break up with my boyfriend. I feel like we were just starting to get serious. :(


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  • You better make a choice and soon. Its just cruel for you to play with your boyfriend's emotions, if you don't feel anything for him, let him go. Don't stay with him because "hes nice" and you don't want to hurt him. Trust me you'll hurt him a lot worst if you prolong this and wait till things are "serious" with him.

    • Thanks for the most helpful :) Hope things work out! Good luck!


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  • you make the choice that you want. the one that will make you more happy. you do it for you:) it may seem selfish but in the end you should come first with yourself.

  • Sorry to say this but you can't have it both ways, you're going to have to decide, your life will be full of these kind of problems. By the tone of your question, it sounds like you want to be with your friend but feel guilty about you boyfriend, go with your gut. You are young, be happy!

  • You break up

  • What is the significance of "just starting get serious"?

    • like kissing and sexting

    • That's not what makes a serious relationship, thats just psychical interaction with a touch of erotica.

      Both the men in your life need to have the clear understanding of what's going on.
      Also, staying in relationship out of guilt is a emotional bomb waiting to happen, for all sides of the party.

      Be honest to your boyfriend and yourself.

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