How can a sexually repulsive f*ggot like me get an attractive girlfriend?

I am quite smart, funny, likable, charming, and all that, they say and I have a lot going for me as a person and in terms of achievement, but I am such a sexually repulsive f****t due to my short stature and baby face. I am also a racial minority which is also sort of detrimental.

Add this to the fact that in the presence of a girl I am interested in, I become such a socially awkward f****t so my true personality doesn't shine and I have a hard time breaking the ice.

You can tell me everything you want about how to act in the presence of a girl I am interested in, but the heat of the moment is just too strong and my mind just goes blank and I don't know what to do or say and start talking like a retard.

How can a sexually repulsive and temporarily socially awkward in the presence of a beautiful woman, get that woman?

I'd like to refer you guys to this post, which explains my issues much more clearly:
Sorry, the link didn't work apparently. Let me try again:

If that doesn't work, then:

www (dot) loveshack (dot) org/forums/transitioning/search/481801-my-bmi-dating#post5759672


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  • First off I hate that word faggot...

    Secondly you can't be one because the actual definition of a f****t is someone gay.

    Thirdly sure everyone is hard on themselves at one point but you sound like you abuse yourself both mentally and physically.

    What girl would want that? And I can only see 2 ways you can get a girl:

    1. Stop acting the way you do, become more social, and be friendly and kind to everyone.

    2. Since you're smart and have a lot going for you just wait you're bound to be successful and then the girls will come along.

    One last thing have you seen The Social Network? That's who you remind me of he was smart and an outcast all he had to do was be just a bit more friendly.

    • Actually, that's what I implied in my OP. I am quite friendly and social with people in general, or at least try to. It's just that when I am talking to "that girl", I have issues.

      I'd like to refer you guys to this post, which explains my issues much more clearly:

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    • Oh I see.

      My apologies... you're nothing like the guy on the pic.

      It's hard to explain but many people go through this. Some guys are real casanovas and some girls are extremely flirty and out going.

      Then there's everyone else... It may take a while but eventually you'll get the courage to talk to her and even if you start babbling she'll think it's cute and sweet.

      She makes you uncomfortable because you have feelings for her... Who wouldn't take that as a compliment?

    • Thanks for actually answering and not chastising me simply because I used a word which I wasn't aware was this offensive.

      Second, I usually do try to talk to my crushes but either half of the time they walk away after I say "hi" and don't even give me a chance, or I end up not being myself and awkward as fuck and it's just so annoying. Like it's uncontrollable. My body just goes into flight or fight and I get really jittery and can't think!

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  • If you were actually a "faggot", you wouldn't want a GIRLfriend. Just saying...

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    • Nah, you're just saying that to appease me. Notice all the low ratings I got originally.

    • Well, I disagree with them.

  • Maybe stop using homophobic slang improperly.
    Also, you're desperate. No one likes that. I don't think you are all that likeable. You complain, swear, speak highly of yourself but then put yourself down, and you seem to have a low self esteem.

    • I am just doing that here. I actually don't use the word f****t in real life.

      See I have have low self-esteem in terms of looks but high in personality.

    • A low self esteem is a low self esteem. I don't care what it's about fix that and you'll be better.
      It is still disrespectful which makes me think that you are a disrespectful person. That is a deal breaker

  • Like most have pointed out, using such derogatory terms is very repulsive.

    For another, something I've noticed with a lot of guys who have your complaints is that they're always aiming for the hottest girl in the room or the one everyone wants. I'm sorry, but those girls only want a select few.
    Why don't you go for someone whose personality attracts you as well?
    I mean maybe you do, I can't tell, but that's just something I've noticed.
    And to be perfectly honest, if you wanna be more attractive, work out, be very hygienic, and get a flattering haircut.

    • Actually, a lot of times, I am not. I have had crushes that my friends think are average at best. Yeah occasionally I may have went for the hottest, but a lot of times, I don't.

      I personally just want a girl that I am physically attracted to reasonably, and like you said, attracts me as a person.

    • You're very young. She will come along. Don't do this thing a lot of guys do and become bitter and mean and hate girls. Just be you and be happy. I'm 18 and never dated. She'll come along at the right time.

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  • First off, accept and be proud of your short stature. (I'm 5'6 and a minority btw)
    Dress and smell nice, carry your head high, appreciate the things that make you, YOU and build confidence off that. If you can, get in shape, do boxing/mma or do weightlifting, as short men we are already placed in a disadvantageous position by society but that doesn't mean that you can't do anything about it.

    You can still be perceived as a strong, confident, social guy regardless of height as long as you carry yourself well.
    To tell you the truth, what will get you women is PRIMARILY confidence. Yes physical attributes play a factor but confidence can overshadow that for the majority of women. So all the things I listed above are aimed at building your confidence.

    The reason it's important to build your confidence is because once you're comfortable in your own skin, others (women) will be comfortable next to you. Words will start to flow easier and conversations become less critical.

  • Try to, like, not think of the act of finding a person with whom you mutually agree to a mutually beneficial romantic relationship, as ownership of the female person involved in the bond. And maybe then your chances will skyrocket.

    Also, read this question,

    And try not to be so vitriolic and negative. If you're this negative against yourself, I don't want to know how negative you can be towards others at times without realizing.

    • "Get a woman" has to be the most degrading expression I've ever heard.

  • The title has me rolling.

  • i guess we are in the same boat dude... i also have low self esteem but don't know how to do something about it, dude you are not alone

  • Putting aside the slur, why do you think you're a sexually repulsive person? What gave you the idea that you're sexually repulsive?

    What do you have going for you in the way of achievement?

    The bile and bitterness, while perhaps a little understandable, doesn't seem to be serving you well I'm afraid.


  • Raise your self esteem to the point that u don't consider yourself "sexually repulsive" and "socially awkward".

    Once you do this, it will change your life! 8-)

  • I'm guessing that not calling yourself a f****t would help.

    • How is this relevant? I am only doing that here. I don't actually do that in real life.

    • Bullshit, that sort of attitude is very unattractive. More so than anything that could be physically wrong with you. Change your attitude and you'll have a lot more success with girls.

      Don't think about it. Just do it. Getting up in your head before getting into a conversation with that girl you want isn't going to do you any good. Fake it if you have to.

  • I got to say the real answers to this question came from the guys. The girls were being all PC aka followers. Not hatting just telling it like it is.

  • cry me a river, stand in a line sir

  • Go get friends who make you feel confident.

    Do not think like that.

    • Don't show pics of yourself online. Privacy is a myth especially after Snowden.