Girls who are attracted to serial killers, abusers/sadistic men, are they usually masochistic?

Girls who are attracted to serial killers, abusers/sadistic men, are they usually masochistic? Do they usually come about abusive homes? Etc. I feel they are usually mentally the same. Except one is violent and one loves feeling pain
I'm talking about an emotional connection. Girls who write serial killers for fame, aren't really Into them. They just want to get famous


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  • Extreme sexual attraction to criminals, killers, and whatnot is called Hybristophilia. Masochism rarely has anything to do with it. Thought it's true that the wife of criminals often get beaten up by them yet still stay, this is not masochism but most likely Battered-wife Syndrome

    • I admire your knowledge of this, its very hard to understand why a woman would be attracted to such evil men, ya know?


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  • 1. It's not necessary that girls who are attracted to such men are masochistic or they have any issues
    2. It can well be as good a natural desire like for any other
    3. Just because some traits are perceived or even are different (even cruel) in certain people, doesn't mean that people aren't attracted to them.
    4. One of the more latest instances is and surely not all of them are masochistic or have daddy issues or come from abusive homes etc :)
    5. I'd say it's a preference as any other & just like any preference that isn't 'common' i. e. 'in the minority' , it's questionable by the majority :)

  • no they just want power and attention like any other woman out there

  • It's called battered woman syndrome

  • Haha, look at Charles Manson's wife, her name is Moon or something. She's like 21 and she married a 70+ year old. I read a little bit about her and she had a really screwed up life.

    Maybe they want to stick with what they're used to. Typically there are good memories in everyone's past and perhaps those types of girls mesh the abusive backgrounds with the small amount of healthy pleasure that they've experienced.

    I have a background of mental illness and while I shudder at what I've gone through, I can't imagine dating anyone who wouldn't remind me of those problems. A woman who has never been through mental health recovery would seem to weird to me... I couldn't relate.

    • Yeah same. I need a man who has similar childhood and experiences from me. You know so they can understand? People who didn't suffer abuse for example can never suffer someone who has. Etc with any situation. I don't think a couples life has to be equally extreme, but I think they should be similar so they can understand each other if that makes sense

    • What sucks is that the abused kids are likely to grow up to be abusers themselves.

    • Yeah you're right. That's why I rather not have kids

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  • No that doesn’t have to be the case- it doesn’t necessarily mean she's masochistic… it might sometimes be the case though. Usually its because women are so attracted to dangerous men… Take serial killer Ted Bundy for example. So many girls were crazy about him and a few were in love with him, even after everyone knew he was a dangerous lady killer. A lot of girls find being overpowered/ dominated by a dangerous, intimidating man to be a turn on as well. Ted Bundy was a charmer too. So add the charm, good looks, intimidation and danger together and you get… a panty dropper.

  • I write a rapist every week and send him money but I knew him before jail.

    • Oh interesting. Did he really do it

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    • Wow do you believe him

    • Eh... Yeah I do. His dad pushed the girl to tell and pushed the case to go to court and him and his dad have never gotten along. So he says his dad made her lie. The girl is his stepsister by the way.