My girlfriend texts other guys, and gets mad when I'm "possessive." How can I tell her to stop without coming off as too possessive?

So my girlfriend and I had a pretty long period of "talking" which was almost a perfect relationship. Not too long ago I thought it would be a better idea to make it official and asked her to be my girlfriend. Well since then it's all been different. We don't get to just hang out as much, and are yet to go on a real date since we made it official. I know she really likes me, and I really like her. There's just something missing. I've noticed that she talks to other guys pretty often via texting, snapchat, etc. I've actually talked to her about it before, But i don't think i got my point across, and making it official hasn't seemed to help.

We recently had a pretty big argument because she changed our plans without telling me. I was pretty mad about it and somehow it came to her saying it wouldn't work with me being so possessive and threatening to break up with me. This brings up a major problem as i am yet to confront her seriously about how she talks to other guys so much. I want to let her know how i feel without coming off as "possessive." I'm just afraid she won't understand why I don't want her talking to other guys.

I seriously believe our relationship could be everything I've ever looked for, but this one issue stands in the way. How should I go about fixing it?


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  • just have to sit her down and tell her how crappy it makes you feel, say you're sure she doesn't do it to make you feel shitty, but that's what it feels like, like you aren't enough for her. Ask her if she really wants to be in the relationship.


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  • You have every right to be mad. I wouldn't really like it if my boyfriend started talking to other girls before me, and she shouldn't do it if it bothers you.

  • Does she talks to them in a flirty way and don't tell them that she is with you? She must be allowed to have male friends.


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