Are we official? What does this question mean?

This might be a stupid question but I went out on a date with this guy after talking for a couple of weeks (we reconnected after having a class together)... anyway, the date went VERY well... Amazingly well actually.. and he asked me, "So would you consider going out with me?"

I jokingly replied, "I'd CONSIDER it."

He laughed and said, "No, really... will you go out with me?"

I said, yes... but isn't that a little 5th gradeish? I guess I'm just curious as to whether it's an official bf/gf thing... because why else would he ask that? Lol.


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  • I think what he really mean is if you can go out with him on a real date and not be exclusive or officiak yet. His question isn't gradeschoolish either. He respects you enough to ask you an accurate question.


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  • Just ask him! Haha, even if he says no I'm sure he would laugh about it.