Gone in 60 Minutes. What happened? Any help is appreciated?

I met someone last year and we courted for over 7 months, talked everyday, texted, shared photos. We developed a close bond. We finally met. He flew me out, paid for hotel and got a driver to get me at airport. He booked a table at a lovely french restaurant, he came to pick me up for dinner.

That's where it gets a bit weird. He was disheveled, but I didn't mind. I had already fell for him so looks didn't matter. We went to dinner. Ate at a record pace, he drops me off at hotel saying he was going to see his son, then as soon as I got to my room my cell phone rang. ( he must have called while in parking lot)

He said "I'm not attracted to you we should call off the weekend". I broke down I thought we we attracted to each other. He stated I'm a beautiful girl but there's no attraction he wished there was. We were together for only an hour. He then abandoned me to my own devices to find a way to airport after he changed my flight to leave next day, then blocked me on Facebook and won't be friends. I can only assume he was disgusted with my appearance. I don't know he said I was stunning on all my pics and at dinner said I looked just how he expected and like my pics. Sorry to ramble this just happened this weekend so it still painful.

Any idea what could have happened?

Update. After my initial breakdown I calmed down and attempted to be mature and ok with a friendship. He simply wants me gone from his life. Totally confused and sadly I miss him terribly
Ha! Another update he just called inlet it go to voicemail but I did listen to it. Not a good thing it made me cry. Just a basic sorry and he wished things worked out and wanted to be sure I wasn't mad at him, wished me well etc.


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  • You being pretty or not is half of the problem.

    There are many MANY guys I know who I think are physically attractive, but am personally not attracted to.

    I think there's a deeper problem here. Why else would he get rid of you so promptly? Sounds fishy. Perhaps when he met you, he recognized you from somewhere else? Maybe you used to date a friend of his or something when you were younger? You might know something about something that he wants to keep a secret.

    You don't just cut someone out of your life like that after 7 months of constant contact, unless there's a serious issue.

    He sounds shady. I know it hurts, but perhaps you dodged a bullet.


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  • You may have said something to the effect that you were not going to have sex with him that weekend and he decided there was no reason to hang around. If it wasn't that, who knows? It is what it is... move on and be more cautious about meeting someone before getting so deep into it.

  • I'm sorry that you're feeling down about that.

    One can try to come up with all kinds of reasons as to why he wasn't attracted to you. Try and remember however that he is just one vote. Just one. This does not mean that you aren't attractive to many other guys.

    I suppose the best one can do is to allow one's self to feel sad (within limits) and then go on out there and find another guy who you are attracted to and who feels the same way. In the meantime, you can try and see if there's any place in your life where you can make yourself more attractive to these men. How interesting are you? Can you be more physically attractive? Is your life situation attractive to a man?

  • Yep, I like the other theories too of him being married and something with his wife came up to ruin the encounter.

    • He's divorced so that rules that out. All I can think of is he simply did not care for my looks

    • I'm sorry you had to go through that. It would have been nice if he gave you a decent reason. Maybe you looked too much like a old friend, or his ex wife, or maybe his mom.

  • yeah i think he expected more from you because suddenly after doing this much a fool can only do this. It's his fault well he have seen you in pic but then when he saw you in real he was not that happy which makes no sense. As he should have not done such like removing all contact's with you but now you have learned a lesson.
    so, be careful next time be close to those who are trust worthy :)

  • Probably one of these

    1. He didn't like the way you looked compared to your picture , some girls look real good in photos but different in real life.

    2. You might have indicated you weren't going tohave sex that night, which could have annoyed him , and he might have thought since he was paying for everything he was entitled.

    3. He might have had his own personal issue going on and rather than cancelling he thought he would make it quick or something could have poppped up quickly.

    4. He could have found someone else just before you and met her and decided he wants to be with her instead of you. That's highly likely since he has money to pay for other girls to do the same and he completely deleted you which was weird.

  • Any number of things could've happened. It may not have been your looks.

    This is why you don't invest too much time into someone without actually meeting them (easier said than done, I know).

  • If he had a son, good chance he had a wife he never mentioned.

    • Doubtful. In that case he would have jumped in bed with her, then made the excuses.

    • Then either
      1. She did and she left part out

      Or 2. She didn't and he didn't want to put anymore work into the affair then he already did.

      Or 3. you're right. Lol

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  • My first thought about reading your story is that he might've been conducting an affair with you, and his wife/ girlfriend found out. But the truth is, we'll never know for sure. The more important part is to take care of yourself now. Then when you're feeling better, try leaving this all behind you.

    But in the meantime, just let it out; find a shoulder to cry on. Hold on. I wish you well.