Girl I'm talking to not ready for relationship talking to another guy! Wtf?

Met her 5 months ago started to talk 3 months ago went on our 4th date yesterday, she got out of a bad relationship 1 year ago on and off. While talking on the phone with her back and forth she dropped the bomb that she was talking to another guy, she likes him too. So she's not sure of what she wants, I talked serious to her and said that I wasn't going to push her or be that guy in the confusion. She said she really likes me and enjoys being with me a lot. The other guy lives 3 hrs away and I live 45 away. She said she wanted to be friends and see where this leads. Today she posted a pic on Instagram of flowers she got from quote "a secret admirer" WTF! I don't want to be that guy fighting for one girl! I mean we are really close we hold hands have lots of fun together and I told her I don't want to be friendszoned she said I'm no at all! i really like her but I honestly think I should move on! I have a bruised ego and don't know if I want to waste my time hoping that in the future it's going too work out! What do you all think?


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  • Tell her you really like her and want an exclusive relationship with her and that you want her to drop the other guy. Either she will admire that and accept, or tell you otherwise. If she accepts, great! If not, I would move on.

    • but wouldn't that sound possessive i mean she has her rights, but at the end i think i unfair that she lead me on. she even asked me if she lead me on and i said yes, she agreed and said that she likes me but is a mess and confused. like i said i don't know if i want to be part of this confusion is making me look soft and i hate that

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    • yeah but see i don't want to be an option! i don't wan to be in competition with another guy for a girl no matter how much i like her.

    • You won't know that until after you make your move. You should at least try. If she still can't decide, then walk away.

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  • No! Call it a quits. You got to get out of this quick. I would have been done with this young lady completely, once when I seen those flowers. She's not ready for a relationship because she wants to date and play around. She is going to the same thing to the guy who sent her the flowers, maybe.. Just move on. It's alright to be a friend but do not wait around for her to change her mind.

    • very interesting because she actually said to me that the guy wanted to date her and she told she's not ready. he said that he will wait for her. i was like wtf? i honestly don't want to be part of this no matter how much i like her

  • Don't date her. She likes him more than you but because he lives so far away she is stringing you along and playing with you for her benefit. She doesn't appreciate you or care about you, she's just using you because the guy she wants is right now out of her reach.

  • I understand why you're put off by this, but she really isn't doing anything wrong. It is A OK to date more than one person at a time, as long as they know that you're dating multiples! Props to her for being forthcoming and honest with you. So now the question is, are you comfortable enough with this to keep dating? If so, then what could be the harm? If it bothers you too much, quit dating her. If I were you I would just keep my options open (consider dating other women as well) that way if she ends up going with the other dude, it won't be quite so hard on you because you won't have invested so much more than she did to your dating.

    • but isn't it stupid to have to be in a battle for her attention with another guy? like thats one of the reasons i don't get multiple girls, i don't want to end up confused! i don't know if i want to be in this position i honestly think is unfair cuz i wouldn't do that to her.

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    • yeah noooo. what do you mean thats not wrong? at the end of the day she's leading people on and i don't want to be part of that

    • If both of you know that she is dating the other, then she's leading no one on. It's not cheating if you're not committed to anyone.

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