Why doesn't he ask me out?

I met this guy approx 3 mos ago on a online dating site...We either e-mail or text to each other daily and depending on our schedules we call each other once a week or more.

He sends pics of himself almost daily and we talk about what fun things we could go do, etc...BUT he's not yet asked me out on a date or has invited me to any of his after work softball games, etc...We have never met in person.

Should I just ask him out? Or do I continue to let him chase me? What can I do to get him to ask me out on a date?


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  • Instead of "asking him out ", why don't ask him to meet. I think that it would probably be in your best interest to mete the man before going out on an official date. Make sure that you take all the safety precautions though when meeting him. If you two hit off after meeting then go ahead and ask him out on a real date.


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  • Honestly, I would never go do any thing online with any one. I'd rather meet them else where. But.. any ways, Just ask him if he want's to go to a movie, or what ever. If you want him, then ask yourself.

  • i say what the hell... ask him out! doesn't hurt to ask! you never know, he just might be shy


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