Girlfriend putting me after her "old friend"?

I will preface by saying we are both 18 and have been dating for about a month. Me and my girlfried work together, and planned to go to buffalo wild wings after work last night. Last minute when we were basically walking out the door to buffalo wild wings she says one of her "old friends" wants to go to buffalo wild wings with her, she asked if I wanted to go, I said no because that's awkward since I don't know the guy. I think the "old friend" thing is bullshit becase they attended the same school just like 4 months ago, and we saw him at an event like 2 weeks ago and she just said hi and took a picture because it was graduation. Anyway, she didn't leave the option for use to go alone, as we planned. When I said that's kind of blowing me off for another guy she looked at me like I'm an idiot and I shouldn't be saying that. This really pisses me off as we don't see eachother much outside of work that she would rather spend time with some guy friend than me. Is this ok? Am I over-reacting?


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  • Yes. You're so overreacting. She invited you. You've only been together one month, she's known this guy longer. If she was constantly going around with this guy it wouldn't be overreacting. She just wants to hang out with someone she cares about platonically. However she should have been more considerate of your date. Cause that was kind of rude.

  • No if I was her I would not have done that cause I would wanna spend time with my boyfriend and not spend it with some old friend I would spend time with them later


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