What does he mean by half girlfriend?

So I've been dating this guy for a little over a month now. He said he liked me 2 months prior to even meeting me because we worked in the same area and he saw me in the courtyard often. We now work at the same store (he's management) and after I was hired he told me he liked me and now I half to find another job. We hang out all the time and recently... just a few says ago he introduced me as his half girlfriend... all his friends liked me and said he should make me whole. The next night we got home from work and we're in bed cuddling and at random he let's go and says I need to get another job. I know he likes me. He tells me all the time and even though I tell him its like he doesn't believe me? Do you think he's just worried because he's management?


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  • Be careful, you are in a precarious position. I'm not being mean just honest. He has all the eggs in his basket...


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  • You are so still being tested. Be careful don't dive into this just yet. Play along and get another job