What does it mean when a guy never wants to stop seeing u?

I've been seeing this guy for 4 months now we see each other once week he works all the time that's why see each other once a week I have seen him years ago before I got married to my ex husband he should have been the one I married cause we was crazy about each other I asked him about a month ago that I was falling in love with him and he said he was getting that way but it will take a while he said he was scared lately he calls me his im his sexy girl he said he didn't never wanted to stop seeing me


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  • One of the longest non-stop sentences I've ever read here.
    Just the fact that you came back together after so much time means a lot. It means you really have feelings for each other.
    So the answer to your question is most probably: he loves you... A LOT!!!

    • Thanks for most helpful. I hope your hearts will find each other forever :-)


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  • Well, sounds like he's pretty interested in you. If you're still married you ought to communicate with your partner about your feelings though

  • he's scared.. there's his answer..


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