How can I accept the fact that women don't like me? how do I face reality?

How can I accept the fact that women don't like me? How do I face reality?


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  • That depends on whether you are planing on giving up on women altogether or if you want them to start liking you.

    If you want them to like you then you start to examine yourself and figure out what character flaws you have and work on those. We all have flaws we need to work on, that's how we grow. But there needs to be a genuine desire for growth and expansion for that to happen.


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  • Quit spending all your time on GaG to the point people don't even need to open your questions to know by your tone, it's you.

  • Why would you say that? Why do you think woken don't like you?

    • Because they never ever flirt with me

    • Have you tried flirting with them, maybe be a little bold and ask to take them out for coffee or something

  • I think you just took your first step to solving your own problem. Accept it and move on. Check out local gay bars or get a dog for a friend.


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  • I don't think you look that bad dude. I've seen guys like you with ladies on their arm. Maybe you're shooting too high man. Aim a little lower, so to speak. Go for the chubby girl and don't be picky because you're no spring chicken either.

    Losing weight will help. It looks like you can easily drop 50 pounds, so do that ASAP.

    • w ho said I like thin women I like women have different shapes

    • Dude, you're too old to not be able to read. I said, "Maybe." I don't know you. I'm trying to give you options here. I can see now why you don't do well with women.

  • You figure out why and fix the problem.

  • haven't you had like four accounts on here? or am I confusing your face with someone else?

    try getting in shape, the sad truth is you look like you're probably medically obese.

    • If you're imagining it, so am I. I swear, I don't even have to open the question anymore before I know it's his! It's sad, very very sad...

  • Just don't eat junk food, eat healthy food and exercise every day, within a month the people around you will notice the change and you will start attracting attention, you will also feel better about yourself because your actually doing something about your appearance.

    • who said that's the reason women don't like me?

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    • She was my gf.. so don't act like women don't find me attractive

    • You are so standoffish on every response , I'm just telling you to help your fucking self and eat and exercise, great it's your gf, you said girls don't like you how do you face reality, I was telling you, now you have heard what I have to say so you can carry on doing the opposite and feeling sorry for your self even though your not doing nothing about it, I'm not giving my opinion on this topic anymore it's a waste of time and frustrating as hell.

  • You've already given up on them, that's why they don't show interest. If you were positive about the situation it would probably be a lot better for you.

    • They don't flirt with me. What am I supposed to do?

    • Flirt with them. Hit them up. Talk to them. If you make the first move it'll make it easier for them. You can't just wait for a woman appear out of nowhere.

      You're a man, they want YOU to talk to THEM. Show some interest and they'll show some back. Just don't give up