Why did he speak to me this way?

This is sort of a long story, so please bare with me. I was dating this guy for about 4 months and I was really starting to care about him, but he was so incredibly mean to me! One time I called him when i was having a really bad day and he asked me "don't you have someone else you could call?" I was in an abusive relationship a few years ago, and I opened up to him about that, and he said that I allowed that to happen to me, and that if I wasn't so nice, It wouldn't have happened to me. After that I cut him off, and after that he called me about five times in a row, and after that I blocked his number. So a couple of weeks ago for some reason I started thinking about him a lot and I started to fill guilty about just cutting him off, so I reached out to him and he was nothing short of evil to me! He basically said he didn't care about me or how I was doing and that I needed to lose his number and that "I started this whole thing" I then hung up and I was so shocked that he said all that to me. My question is; do men lash out like that when they are hurt? Did i hurt his ego and that's why he was so mean? Please no hurtful comments


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  • Let me say this. Both of you were at fault. He was insensitive and you were emotionally needy and demanding. Golden rule for the future: never ever rely on a guy for emotional support. They are crap at it and they don't want to hear your shit and your problems. They want to see this fun smiley confident person who thinks they are the most macho stud awesome human being on the planet. In other words they want you to be an asset in their lives and not some looser they have to feel sorry for and take care of. My advice: build your self esteem cause guys won't and can't do it for you.

  • yes u hurt his ego and please dont let anyone abuse of u u have no reason to tolerate tht, if no one loves u, too bad, u are responsible for loving and respecting yourself!! no matter how u look or where u come from every woman deserves to be loved and respected, dont forget it. fuck this dude and his life!! he's gonna end up alone at mommys house, u deserve sooo much better. one day ur gonna find a guy who loves u and respects and i dont think he would want to know all this so stop tolerating bullshit from other guys, if the guy doesn't respesct u than he is not the one