Why my boy friends say that I'm hard to approach?

I just don't understand why boys say that I'm had to approach. It's not that I'm not friendly. But they jut keep telling me that I'm had to approach when the first time they saw me. I'm currently 18 so I know that I'm still young to have a bf but I just wanna know the reasons why they say that I'm hard to approach. I'm working as a part time model and I'm studying in a university. Is it because of my career that makes me have these first impressions or what? Need opinions and advice.


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  • " I'm currently 18 so I know that I'm still young to have a bf" this says it all. It sounds to me like you like being to yourself and less open to strangers. In this generation that is not too young to have a boyfriend. People wouldn't know you're a model and if they do, you might be more intimidating because of the wow factor. If you smile it should be enough, but if you smile and look away it kinda scare the guy. Every little thing scares a guy. You can maybe do a "hi" wave as well. It's cute and very inviting.

    • Come to think of it, I always do that. LOL I always smile at guys who keep looking at me then look away. But I don't understand why this will scare the guy if I do this.

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    • a nice little wave would suffice :) its very welcoming and friendly

    • Okay I'll try that some day.. But I don't really have the courage to do that.. I never do that before lol


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  • Gimme a pix so i can judge ur true beauties. Beauties can be intimidating :/

  • You don't make eye contact or don't smile at guys

    • I usually just smile.. I rarely make eye contact with people that I don't know.. Is this also one of the reasons?

    • Yes most guys won't just approach any random girl, we look for some sign of interest. Eye contact is a huge one.

    • Owh I see.. Thank you

  • www.psychologytoday.com/.../break-the-ice-how-talk-girls-and-guys-0

    Read that, it may sort of give you a perspective as to why men may not approach women


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