I Told my best guy friend, who I have a crush on that we can never date. (he doesn't know I like him) I think he likes me, but think I don't like him?

Should i take back what i said? I want to know if he likes me


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  • It depends on the life change that would come with your decision. Ask yourself what option would make you happier. Also weigh out your time frame window, with your possibility of regret. Sounds tough, but it's a part of growing into the person you want to be.


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  • ok if you like him and he likes you then why would you say that? haha. if you wanna give it a shot then yes take it back and go be with him. see what happens. explore life.

    • but what happens if he doesn't like me? i don't want to loose our friendship. i said it because i wanted to just joke around and I'm stuck because i can loose him as a friend or i can be more than friends.. so i stuck

    • well you can try and feel him out to see how he feels towards you but if you really want to be with him then you gotta take that leap of faith OR you can just be friends but you'll wonder what if... and its not true you may lose a friend, even if nothing happened but you confessed you two could still remain friends.

  • ...

    It's posts like these that make me call bullshit on girls when they claim they aren't complicated.

  • what happened for you to say this. wrong time hum. I know dis and I get this moment where I can't tell the truth cause my brain tells me it's dangerous to tell now and just invent the shit that I shouldn't have said.

    • huh? what should i do?

    • it may be hard to even get the balls and try to get the person you wanted. matters how you think about rejection. if you don't care if he doesn't want you then you can try it. everything is possible but now you have to get things moving to get a result

  • why did you say you can never date if you like him?

    • I don't know i wasn't thinking

    • what? you just actually said that for no reason. this is a brilliant way to end up single and put off all of the guys you like

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