I want to ask him out but shouldn't I wait for him to do it?

Me: "It seems like forever since we last hung out."

Him: "I agree it seems like forever ago since we last saw each other! Give me a little more time to iron my stuff out and we'll see each other again."

It turns out he was planning on leaving the company he works for and is starting a new business. But not before he plans to take some personal time for the summer. So he was definitely being honest with me. The thing is.. We talked about this about a month ago. Do you think it's safe to ask him out now?


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  • There's no harm in asking him out at all. In fact, I always wondered about the reason why people (both men and women) still believe that its ALWAYS the man's job to make the first move, in spite of so many change sin gender roles in recent years.

    Its actually a VERY positive thing if you do break out of the stupid 17th century tradition, and indeed ask him out. Irrespective of the result, you'd become a role model for other women who never make the first move even if their life depended on it, but then whine that guys never ask the out as often as they wanted. Good luck!


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  • honestly? my first gf wanted to ask me out... She did It and we went out... had she not asked I would've never made a move... So go for it, just send him a cutesie text asking him how he feels about you

  • Act a bit sweeter around him, next time you see him. If light touches and featherweight conversation doesn't get him to ask you, then you should ask him why he hasn't asked you.


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  • If it's been a month of Mondays and he most likely has been this been this busy beaver, leaving his current company to open Something of his own, I would well imagine he has been tied up. And with this in mind, you and your 'iron my stuff out' may be still hanging out to dry and he has just been caught up in his Own business.
    Sure, go ahead and send him a text. Ask him how he is, how things are going with his job and the business he is starting, and then nonchalantly friendly like, ask him when it might be convenient to get together And------Catch up on old times?
    If he Still responds with a 'Give me a little more time' gimmick, then he is most likely putting you out to hang again until he is Free... and if that is the case, then all you can really do at That point and time, is wait until he pushes a button on his end. Or it can turn around in another direction, where you would be getting a Raised Red flag that he is blowing you off. For now, stay optimistic, don't jump the gun.
    And in the meantime, don't sit around. Keep busy yourself. Summer is Just beginning, so no matter What happens, make the most of it.
    Good luck. xx

  • id say go for it! What's the worst he can do? Say no. And your friendship will continue like normal. So just do it girl!